The New Age Begins

“As the beautiful n deep meditation came to an end. The words that came to me were about a time long gone by. Over 5000 years ago the cycle that’s now ending was then about to begin its long journey across the pages of history.

Where was humanity then? How many people lived across the planet? What was their state of being? Were they to be told that 5000 years later they’d be sending people in spacecraft to outer space, using mobile phones and all the many technologies at men’s disposal, that the earth would become a global village – They’d have cracked up laughing and found it far fetched. But humanity was on a journey of which he knew and understood very little.

Prophets and wise ones were sent periodically to address remind and offer guidance to a humanity lost in ignorance and savagery. But 5000 years later mankind has come to its present robust state. Once again ready to embark on yet another exciting journey into what seems like an uncertain and dangerous future. Whatever the dangers and challenges that lie ahead, humanity will undoubtedly overcome those challenges, trials and tribulations. Even though it be at great cost to human life.

The new cycle will bring with it a new, vibrant and powerful energy released to cater for precisely this time. With it a knowledge and methodology to harness the energy for mankind’s further growth and development. All the religions,  philosophies and belief systems of the last 5000 year cycle are no longer valid. They are far to divisive and cause untold damage to humanity. They cannot be revived,restructured or in any way be of use to mankind’s current needs. They have to be allowed to die with the old cycle now ending. Humanities future lies in destroying all the divisions – political, religious, economic, social, colour, country or gender. We simply don’t need it anymore. The energy will provide humanity all that is needed for the coming new era of unity,peace, harmony and love. It might look far fetched to us now. As it must have done to our ancestors 5000 years ago. Be rest assured we are about to embark on the most exciting journey going forward. There is nothing that can stop it. Its simply going to happen despite the obstacles and hindrances that will be placed in our way. By the forces that live in a mindset that’s reached the end of its way of life.  Allthe institutions that humanity now has,were built during the course of the cycle now ending. It has served its purpose and lived its life.

You have always to remember the laws pertaining to earth. All that enters the domain (earth) of time is subject to the ravishes of time. Everything on earth is born develops decays and dies. So this cycle has completed its journey. All the institutions of humanity are now going to change to cater for a very different future. The inception of the new cycle with its own new energy, catering for the needs of humanity for the next 5000 years. Institutions that played such a prominent part in our lives are no longer useful. Just as a land based craft can take one as far as the oceans edge and no further. Then to travel further we would need a sea craft to cross the ocean. The land based craft having served its purpose is no longer useful. Similarly institutions of the old cycle such as religion marriage and much besides will no longer be needed.

This may sound outrageous and radical from our current perspective,but its not. To a growing number of people religion and marriage are already no longer valid. Many of them have been discarding both for sometime now. Similarly our political, economic, financial and social institutions are based on exploitation and injustice. This is being rejected as inefficient and wasteful of very scarce resources. Also, to have a tiny privileged minority imposing their will on humanity by means fair and foul is no longer sustainable. Both for earth’s delicate balance and the pain inflicted by their selfishness on the vast majority of mankind. They can no longer be reasoned with as their greed and selfishness have brought mankind to our present perilous state. They will have to be removed like the cancer that they’ve become. They too belong to the past. Their way of life and doing things brought humanity to its present parlous state.

For the new to come about the old will have to go. The powers that be however have become like a cancer strongly entrenched. They will only be removed by a very strong dose of chemotherapy. In whatever way the spirit world decides is most appropriate to our situation and needs. THEY are not masochists and take no pleasure in applying whatever corrective is necessary. Unlike us humans they don’t have emotions to contend with. They do as per the needs of any given situation. And this also only after sending many warnings. Mankind is however always negligent greedy arrogant and unbelievably selfish. So taking heed of the many warnings is just not humanities way. So now we have but to expect what we ourselves have brought about.”

– Lahotar